Date: Saturday, June 09 - Sunday, June 10
Time: Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Location: On Wells St. between North Ave. & Division
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Address: 1400 N. Wells Street
Chicago Illinois
Beneficiary: Old Town Merchants & Residents Association
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Art enthusiasts are guaranteed to find plenty of inspiration when the summer showcase that is the Wells Street Art Festival celebrates its 44th year. Held on the eponymous strip of Wells Street between North Avenue and Division in Chicago’s historic Old Town neighborhood, it’s a treasure trove of creativity and much more.

For starters, there’s the eclectic mix of 200-plus juried artists. Then there’s tasty food from the neighborhood’s unique restaurants. There’s also cool music stage acts as well as kids’ art activities.

This post-Memorial Day celebration of art (and one of  Chicago’s first warm-weather summer fests) features handiwork in nearly a dozen mediums from individuals hailing from both the Midwest and beyond.

Fest proceeds will again benefit the programs and services of the Old Town Merchants & Residents Association.

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About the Beneficiary: Old Town Merchants & Residents Association

The Old Town Merchants & Residents Association, sponsor of Wells Street Art Festival, has its origins as the Old Town Chamber of Commerce which was founded in 1971. It later changed its name to OTMRA. In addition to holding its annual art fest, the group serves as the voice of the Old Town community in addressing commercial and residential development, zoning, neighborhood beautification, community safety and city services. It also oversees assorted marketing and public relations initiatives to promote both the neighborhood and its businesses. For more visit oldtownchicago.org.

Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to connect with active consumers at this event? For pricing and a customized benefits package, please contact Norine Smyth at 312-799-0354 or Laura Wilke at 773-584-6669.

Vendor Opportunities

ARTISTS:  Click Here to register.  Artist deadline is February 9, 2018.

2017 Participating Artists

*Please note:  This list is subject to change.

2-D Mixed Media
Anderson, Shane - http://shaneandersonillustrations.com/
Baldauf, Stephen - http://stephenbaldauf.com/blog/
Bondroff, Daniel - http://danbondroff.com/
Casarietti, Robert - http://www.casariettistudio.com/
Christensen, Derek - https://www.facebook.com/derekchristensenreclaimedcreations/
Curry, Erin - http://erincurry.com/
Gawel, Janine - http://janine-rose.squarespace.com/
Gaxhaj, Marelvi
Irbe, Igors
Jennings, Chandra - https://www.boardtoart.net/
Kremen , Esteban - http://www.kremenart.com/
Krouse, Katheryn - http://www.katherynkrouse.com/
Long, Jay - http://www.jaylongstudio.com/
McKelvey, Brian - http://www.pubsof.com/
Morgan , Chris - http://chrismorganart.blogspot.com/
P, Mariano
Phillips, Jurate - http://www.gourmetartstudio.com/
Rice, Jamie - http://www.jamiericeart.com/
Spoon, Marisol - http://marisolspoon.com/
Taeoalii, Tai - http://www.artbytai.com/
Van Leeuwen, Kale - https://www.etsy.com/shop/vankale
Wampler, Sondra - http://www.sondrawampler.com/
Whitten, Melinda - http://lightandsand.com/
WILSON, ken - http://www.kenwilsonartist.com/

3-D Mixed Media & Sculpture
Barreneche/Schemel, Juan/Daniel
Beck, Chris - http://www.becksculpture.com/
Bettag, Barbara
Cooley, Richard - http://www.sparkplugguy.com/
Lamar, John - http://www.studio-451.com/
Mamandi, rezgar - http://mannapottery.com/
Nehring, Robert - http://www.rustynoodlestudios.com/
Petersen, Carl
Siefert, Harold - https://www.hsartonline.com/
Smith, Woody
Thoem, Jenifer - http://www.jeniferthoem.com/
Thompson, Dave - https://www.davethompsonart.co.uk/
Whitcomb, Mick - http://www.artifactsbynomad.com/

Michelle Chang & Wayne Gao -
Charney, Jack - http://www.jackcharney.com/
Kozawa, Yoshiko
Moreno, Alejandra
Schloesser, Mark
Wagner, Linda - http://www.artgirlpottery.com/

Digital Art
Brueck, Jason - http://thegalleryart.com/artists/jason-brueck/
Coglianese, Matthew - http://www.thepigshark.com/
Connell, Steve - http://www.steveconnell.com/
DOSKOVA, TANYA - http://www.fineartoncanvas.com/
Ellis, Jimmy - http://www.jimmyellisart.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
Harris, Shawn - http://www.shawnrayharris.com/
Jarosz, Tim - http://timjarosz.com/
Kudulis, Kenneth - https://www.kudu-lah.com/
Lee, Vic - http://www.viclee.co.uk/Vic_Lee_Murals_Illustrations_and_Print.html
Letts, Eva
Littman, Susan - http://www.susanlittman.com/
Lucius, Kevin - http://kevinlucius.com/tasteofchi/
Rankin, Ralph
Van Praag, Robert

Functional Art
Alot-Ciecholewski, Joanna
Arango, Andres
Avila, Alejandra
Capella, Brynn - http://www.brynncapella.com/
Colagrossi, Michael
Cumming, Cindy - http://www.cindybelladesigns.com/home.html
Dunkel, Brandilyn
Feuerstein, Tim
Grabski, Cheryl - http://cheryl-grabski.blogspot.com/
Hallman, Kevin - http://suzetteartcouture.com/
Haro, mayolo
Jones, Scott - www.urthyfiberart.com
KALMAR, BETSY - http://www.sidedishfurniture.com/
Kim, Eun Hee
Malone, steven - https://www.poeticearthjournals.com/
Manning, Amy - https://secondchanceart.net/
McDonough, Aisha - http://northtraindesigns.com/
mitchell, Mychal - http://www.mitchell-leather.com/
Moskoff, Leah - http://www.gocattoys.com/
Nelson, Jeffery - http://www.hudsonriverinlay.com/
Petrow, A. B.
Reformado, Rossana - http://re4mado.com/
Sisco, Ron & Christine - http://treestump.co/
Thodos, Diane - http://www.dianethodos.com/Diane_Thodos_Homepage/Home_page.html

Dwyer, Debi - https://debidwyerdesigns.myshopify.com/
Kennedy, Sally
Thorpe, LaVerne - http://www.bobspilleart.com/

Acton, Tana - http://tanaacton.info/
Allamano, Alexa - https://www.etsy.com/shop/FoamyWader
Austin, Ava - http://www.artfullyadorned.com/category-s/283.htm
Banks, Melissa - https://www.raptinmaille.com/
Birbilaite, Vilma
Bush, Spirit & Samuel - http://www.spiritlala.com/
Christian, Betty - https://www.bjchristian.com/
Cohen, Jackie - http://www.jackiecohenjewelry.com/
Cook, Kelly - https://www.etsy.com/people/Cookstah
Cramer, Venus - http://www.jewelrybyvenus.com/
Duncan, diane - http://diane-duncan.com/
Foster, Julia
Furgat, Julie - http://www.angelweardesigns.com/index.php
Gelbuda, Susan - https://susanelizabethdesigns.com/
Golde Cunningham, Leslie - https://www.etsy.com/il-en/people/TheBeadOfTheSoul
Hartsock, Christine - https://cehcreations.myshopify.com/
Hisir, Kyle - http://www.copperreflections.com/about-us
Hofstra, Darlene - https://www.etsy.com/shop/sunseaskydesigns
Iglesias, Renzo - http://www.lharmoniejewelry.com/index.php
Ingel, Hanan - https://www.ownapieceofhistory.biz/
Joyce, Maggie - http://lenzlady.com/
Kahmann, Eric -  www.harpstone.com/
King, Christina - http://www.threemonkeysunique.com/category_7/Girls.htm#.WRSHLFXysdU
Ladd, John - http://www.phasylumworks.com/
Lucius, Christine - http://www.luciusjewelry.com/
Marsella, Candace - https://smashingjewels.com/
Mason, barb - http://www.bobbikahndesign.com/
Molenhouse, Kristen - https://www.glamrocksjewelry.com/
Montanaro, Carlos - http://www.rewindjewelry.com/
Mountz , Victoria - https://www.victoriamountz.com/
Narolewska, Iwona
OLMOS, LILIANA - https://olmox.com/
Ramirez, Mauricio - http://www.kepiaa.com/
Serezli, Haydar Martha
Suarez, Sarella - https://www.facebook.com/sarellasuarezartjewelry/
Tantillo, Stephanie - https://www.satorifireglass.com/
Tekeli, Emre - https://www.facebook.com/TekeliDesigns/
Thompson, Marie - https://www.facebook.com/damonmariethompson505/
Titus, Austin - http://www.augustninedesigns.com/about.html
Voltz, Elisabeth - https://ragtradervintage.com/
Williams, Bradly
Williams, lisa - http://www.lisawilliamsjewelry.com/
Yeager, tess – http://haegtessasart.com
Zezza, Christine - https://www.joelucjewel.com/
Gorkowski Klear, Jenny - http://www.jgorkowskistudio.com/

Awoyemi, Afolarin
Bombardier, Daniel - http://www.enjoydenial.com/
Briere, Lauren - http://www.robotsinrowboats.com/
Close, Dick - http://www.dickclose.com/default3.asp
Cuevas, Dan – www.danilocuevas.com
Disney, Roger - http://www.rogerdisney.com/
Fannin, Rob - http://www.robfannin.com/index.html
Fischer, Val - https://www.valfischer.com/
JOHNSON, JANE - http://janejohnsonart.com/
Kelly, Ty - http://www.tykelly.com/
Lange, Beata
Minasyan, Araik - http://www.araikart.com/
Morningstar, Holly - http://www.archaicsmiles.com/
Mullenax, Kirk
Offord, Heather - http://www.heatherofford.com/
Overman, Emma - http://emmaoverman.com/
Picotte, Doug
Podczaszy, Agnieszka - https://www.facebook.com/agnieszka.podczaszy
Pogatetz, Robert - http://robertpogatetz.homestead.com/index.html
Pulka, Joe
Reif, Ken - http://www.kenreif.com/
Rivera, Carlos
Ruiz, Leon - www.lfruiz.com/
Samiljan, Robin - http://www.robinsamiljan.com/Robin_Samiljan/Portfolio/Portfolio.html
Sandock, Aaron - http://www.aaronsandock.com/
Smith, Wendy - http://www.wendysmith.co.uk/
Stolvoort, Peter - https://www.peterstolvoort.com/
Stones, Greg - https://the-zombie-penguin.myshopify.com/
Trulis, Michael - http://michaeltrulis.com/smile/
Welton, Mike - http://mikeweltonart.com/
Whitacre, Brett - http://www.bugglesnug.com/brett/index.html
Wooten, Aaron - http://www.aaronrwooten.com/
Wylangowska, Lidia - https://www.lidiawylangowska.com/
Yung, Bryan - http://www.bryanyung.com/

Behr, Michael - http://www.mikebehrphotography.com/
Bollard, Dona - http://thespottedponyphotography.com/
Brown, Michael
Brown, Neil - http://www.neilbrownfineart.com/
Byrne, Chris - http://chrisbyrnephotography.com/
Cavanah, Doug - http://www.dcpanorama.com/
Chapman, Timm - http://www.timmchapman.com/
Daniel, Steven - http://www.adventuresofatreefrog.com/index.html
Decker, Bob – www.rddeckerphotography.com
Doherty, Christopher - https://www.dohertyphotography.com/
Fishman, Scott - http://www.fishmanphotography.com/
Horsch, Bob - http://www.horschgallery.com/
Jasinski, Michael - http://jasinskibrothers.com/
JOHANSEN, JESPER - http://www.tinypeoplebiglaughs.com/
Marsh, James - http://www.jdmarshphotography.com/
Minuchin, marcos - http://www.thesecretlifeoftoys.com/
Murphy , Amanda - https://www.dottygiraffe.com/
Plotnick, Rebecca - https://www.rebeccaplotnick.com/
Rasmussen, Jim - http://www.razfoto.com/
Ryan, Juana - http://www.stellalily.com/
Ryan, Marcus - http://www.marcusryanstudios.com/
Sparenga, Sebastian - http://www.chicagopetphotography.com/
Taylor, Claude - http://www.travelphotography.net/
Teger, Allan - https://bodyscapes.com/

Works on Paper
Ariyama, Hiroshi - http://ariyamastudio.com/home.html
Day, Landon
Fricke, Jason - http://jasonfricke.com/
Plavski, Nikolai
Prell, Clayton - https://claytonprell.com/
Wennersten, Jay
Zumpano, Wendy - http://www.pencilportraitcards.com/