Date: Saturday, June 08 - Sunday, June 09
Time: Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Location: On Wells St. between North Ave. and Division
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Address: 1400 N. Wells Street
Chicago Illinois
Beneficiary: Old Town Merchants & Residents Association

Art enthusiasts are guaranteed to find plenty of inspiration when the early summer showcase that is the Wells Street Art Festival celebrates its 45th year. Held on the eponymous strip of Wells Street between North Avenue and Division in Chicago’s historic Old Town neighborhood, it’s a treasure trove of creativity and much more.

For starters, there’s a diverse mix of nearly 200-plus juried artists from both the region and across the nation. Beyond these artists, will be a stand-alone “Remix” area on Scott Street featuring the unique and eco-friendly works of some 20 artisans who make art from used and recycled materials. Additionally, a tented area at Remix will offer free educational workshops each afternoon with creative DIY projects for both adults and children.

Other weekend highlights include the tasty cuisine from the neighborhood’s eclectic restaurants and cool music stage acts as well as kids’ art activities.

Fest proceeds will again benefit the programs and services of the Old Town Merchants & Residents Association.

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Samuel Adams Taco Fest is one month away! This is the largest fundraiser of the year for Friends of Lakeview, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and partner of the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce. Taco Fest supports community events, public art, neighborhood beatification projects and more! Join us for great tacos, great music and GREAT times in the neighborhood! You can learn more about Friends of Lakeview and Taco Fest here: bit.ly/SATF19 #lakeviewtacofest #samadamstacofest #tacos #semevents #thisislakeview #festwiththebest #icantastemybeer ... See MoreSee Less

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Garifuna Flava Caribbean Restaurant: A Taste of Belize is this week's featured taco vendor for the Samuel Adams Taco Fest coming up! This acclaimed Caribbean restaurant on the city's southwest side is as authentic as it gets. These tacos are not to be messed with -- they're so tasty!! bit.ly/SATF19 #lakeviewtacofest #samadamstacofest #tacos #semevents #thisislakeview #festwiththebest #icantastemybeer #garifunaflava ... See MoreSee Less

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Tonight is the night! Greektown never looked so good! Taste of Greektown starts in just a handful of hours! Join us for happy hour and stay the night. You won't regret it! bit.ly/TOG2019 #tasteofgreektown #semevents #festwiththebest #greek #gyros ... See MoreSee Less

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From sultry Spanish ballads to fast-paced meringue, this 11-member salsa outfit, known as the Latin Groove, showcases music with an upbeat and groovy tropical twist. We know their addition will complete the Samuel Adams Taco Fest in a few weeks! bit.ly/SATF19 #lakeviewtacofest #samadamstacofest #tacos #semevents #thisislakeview #festwiththebest #icantastemybeer ... See MoreSee Less

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12:15pm - Rosie & The Rivets
2:00pm - Jesse White Tumblers
2:45pm - Liquid Soul
5:30pm - The Way Down Wanderers
7:30pm - 16 Candles
Noon - The Happiness Club
12:30pm - Elenna Sindler
1:00pm - Flowtones
1:45pm - Jesse White Tumblers
2:30pm - Michael McDermott
4:30pm - The Howl Experience (Dueling Pianos)
6:30pm - Rod Tuffcurls

About the Beneficiary: Old Town Merchants & Residents Association

The Old Town Merchants & Residents Association, sponsor of Wells Street Art Festival, has its origins as the Old Town Chamber of Commerce which was founded in 1971. It later changed its name to OTMRA. In addition to holding its annual art fest, the group serves as the voice of the Old Town community in addressing commercial and residential development, zoning, neighborhood beautification, community safety and city services. It also oversees assorted marketing and public relations initiatives to promote both the neighborhood and its businesses. For more visit oldtownchicago.org.

Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to connect with active consumers at this event? For pricing and a customized benefits package, please contact Norine Smyth at 312-799-0354 or Laura Wilke at 773-584-6669.

Vendor Opportunities

We Are Sold Out for 2019!

March 20th, 2019: Deadline for Accepting and confirming your participation by picking out your booth space and finalizing payment for booth fee and any optional equipment rentals on Zapplication. Please remember that you are not confirmed into the event unless you have paid for your booth fees and your status shows "Confirmed". CHECKS NOT ACCEPTED.

Early June 2019: Booth space assignments, Load in location and times, as well as other information will be sent out to confirmed artists' e-mail addresses on file. Phone calls will not be made.   

June 8th, 2019: Artist Set-Up between 6:00 am and 7:30 am

June 8th-9th, 2019: 45th Annual Wells Street Art Festival

2019 Vendor Listing

Subject to change without notice.

Booth Number Type Business Name
58,60 2D A. Frick
75 & 75A 2D D. Christensen
279 2D E. Yu
65 2D Emerald Art Studio (L. Ruiz)
127 2D I. Irbe
171 2D J. Marhula
254 & 256 2D J. Swartz
124 2D J. Thomas
263 2D K. Wilson
126 2D R. Martinez
91 2D R. Rodriguez
259 2D S. Amil
288 2D V. Yan
102 & 104 2-D Mixed Media B. McKelvey
196 2-D Mixed Media CB Art (C. Bishop)
177179 2-D Mixed Media J. Lashbrook
83 2-D Mixed Media J. Merkling
80 2-D Mixed Media J.Becker
106 & 108 2-D Mixed Media M. Gaxhaj
27 2-D Mixed Media M. Sabzi
147 & 148 2-D Mixed Media P. Disantis
161, 163 2-D Mixed Media R. Borden
203 3D D. Carmichael
188 3D D. Dahlstrom
22 3D D. Gilbertsen
128 3D D. Schemel
77,79 3D E. Perry
291 3D G. Ekamy
31 3D G. Gowen
169 3D J. Barrenche
198 3D J. Glisczinski
180 3D J. Nelson
16 3D J. St. Roman
224 3D K. Lackner
55 3D L. Wurtz
253 & 255 3D N. Rudnick
8 3D Mixed Media Ear-Resistible (B. Bettag)
235 3-D Mixed Media D. Manning
107 & 109 3-D Mixed Media P. Wouk
222 3-D Mixed Media R. Cooley
144 3-D Mixed Media R. Styne
152 3-D Mixed Media Silhouette Studio (W. Smith)
248 3-D Mixed Media Waldron Bros. Woodworking (J. Waldron)
239 & 240 Bar/Rest Adobo Grill
71 & 72 Bar/Rest Benchmark
265 & 266 Bar/Rest Benchmark
9 & 10 Bar/Rest Dinotto
43 & 44 Bar/Rest Kamehachi
245 & 246 Bar/Rest Kanela
137 & 138 Bar/Rest Orsos
73 & 74 Bar/Rest The Fireplace Inn
74a Beverage El Campeon
294 Ceramics A. Moreno
75B Ceramics B. Buchenot
155 Ceramics M. Park
158 & 160 Ceramics W./M. Gao/Chang
66 Digital Art E. Tumen
112 Digital Art J. Ellis
150 Digital Art K. Kudulis
211 Digital Art K. Lucius
293 Digital Art M. Coglianese
229 Digital Art R. Hanbury
82 & 84 Digital Art R. Rankin
174 Digital Art S. Connell
176 Digital Art T. Jarosz
139 & 140 Food Greek Delights
191 & 192 Food Home Bakery
241 & 242 Food Nicholas Quality Meats
166 Functional Art A.Avila
218 & 220 Functional Art Aria Handmade (N. Pineda)
182 & 184 Functional Art B. Dunkel
289 Functional Art B. Leatham
5 Functional Art Book Boxes (D. Thodos)
130 Functional Art Dart Woods (J. Van der Merkt)
280 Functional Art E. Pruyn
63 Functional Art G. Brunner
76a Functional Art J. Hiser
165 Functional Art J. Kaczmarek
216 Functional Art K. Basi
7 Functional Art K. Sacksteder
111 Functional Art LINKS by Annette (A. Fiscelli)
18 & 20 Functional Art Natural Wonders (M. Haro)
86 Functional Art Nature's Artwork (T. Feuerstein)
223 Functional Art R. Reformado photography, LLC
56 Functional Art S. Barber
149 Functional Art S. Rauba
49 & 51 Functional Art Second Chance Art & Accessories® (A. Manning)
25 Glass Bobby Harr Studio B. Harr
296 Glass J. Ocheltree
257 Glass S. Kennedy
167 Glass V. Ivanov
197 Jewelry A. Hake
300 Jewelry A. Mooney
81 Jewelry B. Meyer
101 Jewelry B. Williams
173 Jewelry C. Kaiser
277 Jewelry C. King
209 Jewelry C. Lucius
119 Jewelry C. Zezza
181 Jewelry CEH Creations (C. Hartsock)
207 Jewelry D. Horn
195 Jewelry D. Lanoff
258 Jewelry E. Tekeli Designs
61 Jewelry Ear Fashion (P. Iglesias)
206 Jewelry G. Savina
283 Jewelry Glamrocks Jewelry (K. Molenhouse)
122 Jewelry J. Raven
64 Jewelry Jewelry By Venus (V. Cramer)
23 Jewelry Kepiaa (M. Ramirez)
89 Jewelry Kyle Hisir
232 Jewelry L. Lehman
120 Jewelry L. Olmos
24 Jewelry L'Harmonie Creative Jewelry (R. Iglesias)
105 Jewelry Limbo Jewelry (A. Rutt)
215 Jewelry M. Banks
202 Jewelry M. Powers Handcrafted Jewelry
94 Jewelry M. Waterstraat
14 Jewelry N. Salerno
278 Jewelry R. Tiburzio
32 & 34 Jewelry RagTrader Vintage (E. Voltz)
129 Jewelry SerezDesign (S. Suarez)
88 Jewelry Smashing Jewels (C. Marsella)
151 Jewelry Stone Temple (J. Zoellner)
226 Jewelry Sun Sea Sky Designs (D. Hofstra)
201 Jewelry T. Cannon
54 Jewelry The Bead of the Soul (L. Golde Cunningham)
Lot Member Bar O'Brien's
45 & 46 Member Food Bombobar
135 & 136 Member Food Broken English Taco Pub
Lot Member Food O'Brien's
189 & 190 Member Food PJ Wells Inc dba O'Briens Restaurants
42 Member Merchant Alderman 2nd Ward Alderman
116 Member Merchant Fitness Formula Club
193 Member Merchant Old Town Animal Center
36 & 38 Member Merchant OTMRA
290 Member Merchant Row House
76 Member Merchant Sports Clip
141 & 142 Member Merchant String a Strand
276 Member Merchant Studio 3
6 Member Merchant Zanies Comedy Club
153 Painting A. Mak
115117 Painting A. Sechin
251 Painting A. Siwik
162 & 164 Painting Art by Ty A. Kelly
212 & 214 Painting Art View (L. Wylangowska)
4 Painting Art.studio ILAR (A. Minasyan)
219 Painting B. Kramp
30 Painting B. Thiagarajan
123, 125 Painting B. Whitacre
157, 159 Painting C. Bank
271 & 273 Painting D. Bombardier
172 Painting D. Close
90 & 92 Painting H. Offord
131 & 133 Painting J. Johnson
98 & 100 Painting J. Keaten-Reed
264 Painting J. Young
3 Painting K. Allenstein
178 Painting K. Hoyer
156 Painting Ken Reif
205 Painting M. Chadwick
52 Painting M. Rotsch
103 Painting P. Novak
143 Painting Printed Canvas, LLC (D. Cuevas)
96 Painting R. Chavez
134 Painting R. Disney
53 Painting R. Olugunna
217 Painting R. Pogatetz
228 Painting R. Samiljan
186 Painting S. Ursino
132 Painting soo k. chang Fineart
118 Painting T. Ver Halen
33 Painting V. Fischer
231 & 233 Photography A. Murphy
93 & 95 Photography A. Teger
154 Photography B. Houts
170 Photography C. Vitale
194 Photography C. Vogtmann
13, 15 Photography F. Mertz
76B & 78 Photography G. Pembroke
247 & 249 Photography high fidelity gallery (B. Reinfield)
85 & 87 Photography J. Cole
250 & 252 Photography J. Dennison
238 Photography J. Rasmussen Photography
97,99 Photography J. Rusk
200 Photography J. Ryan
114 Photography J. Victor
199 Photography jd marsh photography
225 Photography M. Spera
204 Photography Marcus Ryan Studios
298 Photography Remember Wrigley Field LLC (S. Shunndich)
221 Photography RL Photography (R. Plotnick)
175 Photography S. Kim
237 Photography S. Sparenga
19 & 21 Photography Scott Fishman Photography
213 Photography The Secret Life of Toys (M. Minuchin)
50 Photography TINY PEOPLE BIG LAUGHS (J. Johansen)
110 Photography W. Doree
0 Remix - Collective Area Remix- Collective Tent - (Robert Hilger, Roslyn Broder, Marina Veiler, Robin Wilson, Jeanmarie Petro, Laura Garza, Susan Abelson, Rachel Bierma)
297 Remix Jewelry M. Ghouleh
295 Remix Shoes L. Alcala
11 & 12 Restaurant LC Restaurant (Lee's Concession)
183 Sponsor 1003.FM/ 101.9 FM
244, 243 Sponsor Agua Fuerte
146 Sponsor Arete Renovators
47 Sponsor ChiroOne
272 & 274 Sponsor CutCo
48 Sponsor Getaround
261 Sponsor K-LOVE 97.9 FM
29 Sponsor NRG Home
35 & 37 Sponsor PNC Bank
292 Sponsor PRP Wine
145 Vendor/Merchant Physicians Immediate Care
113 WOP A. Furuseth
260, 262 WOP Chuck U
168 WOP G. Mejia
185 & 187 WOP I. Sherwin
281 WOP J. Ogrady
62 WOP S. Baja
121 WOP Z. Mory
17 Works on Paper Hiroshi Ariyama
208 & 210 Works on Paper N. Plavski
26 & 28 Works on Paper Wennerstens Etchings (J. Wennersten)