Two new happens are taking place this year for Roscoe Village Burger Fest in July. First, the logo — after many years — got a new fresh look. You may think that creating a new event logo is simple — a few clicks of a mouse and that’s it. We only wish it was that easy! After around 50 different versions, two committee meetings and many, many clicks of the mouse, we finally have a winner! The new design incorporates great burger elements in the logo and, well, a mouth-watering burger! So keep an eye out on the CTA, billboards, your mobile phones and in stores for the fresh, new look.

Speaking of new, you may see there is a Sam Adams logo front and center on all materials relating to Roscoe Village Burger Fest. That’s because we’ve signed them on as presenting sponsor of this year’s (and the next few years) event! Sam Adams will elevate this fest by offering new and exciting beverage choices for you to pair with a delicious burger. We look forward to their presence at this year’s festival!